GEOG 8670 Cartographic Methods

University of Nebraska at Omaha | Fall 2019

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Week 1:

Aug. 28

Links: Topics for course

Previous articles: Hunt | DeBoer | GE & GM | Fusion Tables


Week 2:

Sept. 4

Labor Day - no class Monday


Google Map changes

Possible article topics based on Google Maps: Books | Docs Google Maps: Google API v3

Google Maps API code and changes

code10: Add Tom Tom

Presenting Google Maps API changes

Week 3:

Sept. 9 / 11

Beltran - Jason

Taylor - Idrissou

Article ideas: Topics for course

Unclassed choropleth map | QGIS colors

D3 intro || D3 choro || D3 Docs: D3 Wikipedia || D3 slides || D3 Wiki || D3 Tips and Tricks (13 mb) || Mapping with D3

Books: Getting started with D3 || Interactive Data Visualization || Data Visualization with D3.js ||

Code: Data Visualization with D3 Cookbook

TopoJSON || Bostock's let's make a map || Scott Murray's Tutorial || Big List of D3 Examples || $98 D3 Training || Bostock Animation Examples || Faster rotating globe

Week 4:

Sept. 16 / 18

Choropleth QGIS Demo - Madi

QGIS download | QGIS Tutorial | QGIS Training | QGIS books

QGIS US county choropleth map: Link to both raster (png) and vector (pdf, svg) graphic file.

US County Shapefile || US_Election_Centroids

Converting GDB to Shapefile

QGIS Demo - Rebecca

Heatmap or contour (isarithmic) map

Link to both raster (png) and vector (pdf, svg) graphic file.

Week 5:

Sept. 23 / 25

D3 Cartogram || Flights || Voronoi || Projection || Zoom || zoomChoro || Proj2 || BasicUS

Altering flight data - Jason

Modify these D3 examples:

Transparent Globe - change orientation and/or speed
Circle map - change data
D3 and Google Maps - change location and points


Week 6:

Sept. 30 / Oct. 2

Article ideas: Topics for course

Initial ideas



MapBox: About || History || Team || Maps || Pricing || Free Account

Make a map of Omaha (better than this) and Nebraska

Week 6:

Oct. 7 / 9

Jason: Presentation of CartoDB maps

Project discussion/presentation

Jason: Presentation of CartoDB maps (cont.)

Week 7:

Oct. 14 / 16

Writing an Abstract: | 1 | 2 | 3 |

Previous papers: Hunt | DeBoer | GE & GM | Fusion Tables

Cartographic Perspectives: 1


Week 8:

Oct. 21 / 23

Making maps with Tableau - Rebecca

Evaluation of new web resource for students/faculty

Week 9:

Oct. 28 / 30

Reports on solving technical issues

Idrissou - Working with code

Editing with Strunk & White - Strunk & White entire book

Presentation of Tableau graphics

Presentation of figures for article

Week 10:

Nov. 4 / 6

Presentation of Idrissou's code

Another look at past articles: Hunt | DeBoer | GE & GM | Fusion Tables | Kelly | Stuckey | CP Guidelines | Graphics-1 | Graphics-2

Online services: Grammar Check | Grammarly | Scribens | Virtual Writing Tutor

Continue Editing with Strunk & White

Revised abstract / Introduction

Presentation of Illustrations

Week 11:

Nov. 11 / 13

Write paper Write paper. First draft of paper due online Thursday night Nov. 14.

Week 12:

Nov. 18 / 20

Presentation of revised Illustrations


Week 13:

Nov. 25 / 27

Individual meetings on second draft Individual meetings on second draft

Week 14:

Dec. 1 / 4

Presentation of final graphics  

Week 15:

Dec. 9 / 11

Final paper  

Dec. 16



Hi everyone!

I wanted to reach out to you about the much-awaited space many of you have been asking about for some time. 

A couple key notes!
  1. This is very much still in BETA. Attached is a MavDaily article we plan to run by the end of the month promoting the new service. You are getting a sneak peak as faculty who had shown interest in a university/vendor hosted platform for this personal space! Please let me know if I have missed anyone and I can follow up with them directly!

  2. I am a good point of contact for initial questions, but the vendor also offers 24/7 support! The service essentially allows for file manager/FTP and Wordpress through a UNO single sign on (NetID and password) and hosting through CPANEL dashboard. Again, let me know if you have questions, but we can also leverage Reclaim Hosting as well for support. They also have a decent knowledge base page that still needs some edits by me, but is here:

  3. You get ONE subdomain and unlimited double/triple and so on -domains. ie: and and and so on. If you or other faculty have domains or pages, and other sites floating around, let me or your tech lead know (likely cc'd). The vendor can help smoothly transition the pages into Reclaim and we will handle the cost and redirects so your Google/Yahoo search juice stays in tact. Let me know!

  4. It's really important to remember this service is really for PERSONAL space with a UNOMAHA domain.
  5. Personal Web and Hosting Spaces
    In partnership with Faculty Senate and support of Academic Affairs, and UNO Academic Technology under Information Technology Services, an area for showcasing research, personal portfolio work, and personal faculty sites is available as a service. Each faculty member can request one space per security, academic, other university policies, as well as the digital communications governance (as governed by the Digital Communications Executive Committee).

    Through the use of your NetID, a personal dashboard for your personal web hosting is now available through a vendor called Reclaim Hosting. Although external hosting options are the best place for professors to own and create their own content or their personal sites with a domain, the service is attractive to those needing personal web space for web projects or personal professor pages with “unomaha” in the domain and at no cost. A knowledge base and support is also available 24/7 similar to Canvas. You can login and begin at

With you being the pilot group, please point out any early issues you spot or have with me. Being the first ones in, it may be a bit rough. But we'd like to use you to gather feedback and tweak before launching. Please share as needed with others who may be interested, but if you could CC me so I know they also are using, that would be great.

Thank you again for your patience and help to get to this point!

Jason Buzzell

Lead, IT Accessibility

University of Nebraska

6001 Dodge, Eppley 110M

Omaha, NE  68182