Topics for course

Possible topics:

  1. Differences in maps between QGIS and ArcGIS
  2. Google Map Styles
  3. D3
  4. MapBox
  5. QGIS, and other open source options;
  6. Tile overlays, with thematic maps?
  7. Amazon Web Services and EC2 (create an instance, load Apache, GeoServer)
  8. Apps for the iPad
  9. Leaflet choropleth - How to map data by area using Leaflet, besides population density?
  10. OpenStreetMap input; GPS Trace; iPad input; OpenLayers
  11. OpenStreetMap vectors, and Cloud Nine - How to get and use vectors from OpenStreetMap? What does Cloud Nine do?
  12. Uploading new vectors to OpenStreetMap - Providing new vectors from tracing an air photo or through a GPS trace
  13. Drupal, Wordpress - These are open-source (free), content management systems for making web sites that are composed of multiple pages. How do they work with interactive maps?
  14. US County Census Maps as selectable layers
  15. List-based animation ala earthquake site
  16. Movement animation ala
  17. Making a viral map to exceed 25,000 maps a day
  18. Generating a daily KML

Considerations for Cart Perspectives article:

  1. Cannot be solely based on commercial software.
  2. Which topic presents the most long-term utility?
  3. Which topic would be of most interest?

Topics for Paper

  1. Unclassed choropleth mapping | Image | Color | American Stat | Continuous Colors |
  2. Interpolation 100/50 pts | IDW | QGIS | It is important to remember that there is no single interpolation method that can be applied to all situations
  3. Language between Map Services | Google |
  4. Choropleth on Mercator | AirPop at 1500 | By County | World | Molleweide |
  5. Choropleth on Earth | Map on Globe
  6. Map Familiarity | Code10 | Likert |
  7. Multi-scale Thematic Maps | Tile-based |
  8. cartographer.js
  9. Zoomable Choropleth