Transferring files to the Webserver

Creating an Account with is a website that allows for the creation of websites. It provides 1 GB of free storage and a fairly easy interface for uploading files. This page explains how to create an account and how to upload files.


1) First, go to the website.


2) Fill in the fields and prove that you're not a robot. Under "Username", enter text that would be specific to you. I entered "mikeprof". That makes my web address:

Enter "education" for the second field, and a password for the third. Under Email, enter a valid email address. The website will send you an email with a code that you'll have to enter on the following page.


3) Choose Free:


4) That will take you to the "Let's Get Started!" page. Cick-on "Go to the dashboard"


5) The Dashboard shows the files on your website, We'll be ignoring the files they put there by default but you can edit the index file if you want. Notice the text in the background that says: "drag and drop files to upload"


6) Click-on the three line to change to List view:


7) Choose "New Folder" and enter a name:


8) Back on "icon View", you'll see the "geog3000" folder. Click on the folder to open. All your files will be put in this folder.


9) In List view, it looks like this:


10) Open the "geog3000" folder and upload all of your files here.