A market scene in Papantla, Mexico

Papantla, Mexico, is located north of Vera Cruz along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  A Totonac Indian in traditional white cotton attire looks over the market.  Visiting the market from the countryside, this man stands in sharp contrast with the couple in the more westernized clothing selling food in the foreground.  Galvanized metal roofing in the background protects the market stalls from rain.  The hill behind the market is characterized by tropical vegetation.  The Totonac were the first natives that Cort├ęs met on landing in Mexico in 1519.  The modern Totonac are industrious farmers.  The major crop in the hills around Papantla is the vanilla bean.  Picture by Michael P. Peterson.


Travel Study in Geography


Michael P. Peterson

Department of Geography / Geology

University of Nebraska at Omaha