Web Resources for Peterson's Mapping in the Cloud


Formerly relegated to geeks, programming has again become a hot topic. Sites that have a suite of free online programming exercises have received increased use. The new movement effectively argues that programming is a necessary skill that everyone should know, like reading and writing. Programming is now being viewed as a form of expression, as the “amplification of thinking,” and a necessary skill. This “coding as literacy” concept is promoting new ideas about how to teach programming. These ideas are particularly important in cloud computing that is largely dependent on the use of existing resources. In many areas, like mapping, programming has become the ability to master the manipulation of many different online tools but a basic understanding of programming is still needed.

The following are sites lead you through the basics of programming:

Khan Academy - Intro to programming, Variables, Functions,Llogic and if Statements, Looping, Arrays, Objects

CodeAcademy - HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP, APIs

W3Schools - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP




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