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One of the major benefits of student web pages is that students can easily access each other's pages. The StudentLinks.js code (written by Paul Hunt) makes it possible to have a identical series of links on everyone's page. Essentially, the addresses are maintained in the StudentLinks.js file that is accessible to all students. By using this approach, we make sure that the same set of links are displayed on everyone's page.

The StudentLinks.js code is referenced with these two lines of code from within each student's webpage:

<script src="http://instructor.webaddress.org/StudentLinks.js"> </script>
<script> Hyperlinks(); </script>

Where, "instructor.webaddress.org" would be the address of the instructor's page. The instructor maintains the names and corresponding web addresses within the StudentLink.js file.

The following is a listing of the StudentLinks.js script. Notice how the student names are associated with their web addresses in the links array.

StudentLinks.js JavaScript Function

function Hyperlinks(){

links = {

"Anthony S.":{ "Link":"http://www.namea.podserver.info"},
"Manuel C.":{ "Link":"http://www.nameb.podserver.info"},
"Matt Za.":{ "Link":"http://www.namec.podserver.info"},
"Kyle T.":{ "Link":"http://www.named.podserver.info"},
"Denay G.":{ "Link":"http://www.namee.podserver.info"},
"Matthew Ku.":{ "Link":"http://www.namef.podserver.info"},
"Matthew Zm":{ "Link":"http://www.nameg.podserver.info"},
"Sabrina E.":{ "Link":"http://www.nameh.podserver.info"},
"Dave S.":{ "Link":"http://www.namei.podserver.info"},
"Daniel U.":{ "Link":"http://www.namek.podserver.info"},
"Sangita P.":{ "Link":"http://www.namel.podserver.info"},
"Brett K.":{ "Link":"http://www.namem.podserver.info"},
"Vadelynn N.":{ "Link":"http://www.namen.podserver.info"},
"Genesis C.":{ "Link":"http://www.nameo.podserver.info"},
"Trevor P.":{ "Link":"http://www.namep.podserver.info"},
"TA Joe":{ "Link":"http://jknapp.nameq.com"}


for (link in links){

var a = document.createElement('a');
var linkText = document.createTextNode(link);
a.style.fontFamily= 'Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif';
a.href = links[link]["Link"];

var b = document.createElement('a');
var linkText2 = document.createTextNode(" || ");
b.style.fontFamily= 'Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif';



A working example for a current class is available under the Geography 3530/8535 link through Dr. Peterson's website at http://maps.unomaha.community

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